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19 November 2014 @ 07:05 pm
Hello there,
because I got some messages in the past weeks/months I decided to make a short post, explaining the situation.

I know that most of the links are dead by now and I'm sorry for that. But because I generally decided to not share stuff due to personal reasons/decisions I won't reupload anything anymore.
If I have some freetime I probably will check all the download posts and delete the ones with dead links.
I'm really sorry for this, if you search for videos I recommend you to check kamesactuary's download masterpost (they should have all Kame and KT videos)
You also could check weibo, they often have links which still work.

Sorry for the inconvenience and not answering the messages! University takes more time now, so I don't manage to check livejournal as often as I did before.

18 September 2015 @ 11:50 am

Semi-open. Most posts are open for public, some are locked and visible for friends only.

I don't accept any random friends requests, at least not if I haven't talked to you somewhere before.

There is no need to friend me for the downloads cause I'm not going to posty any on this journal anymore.
.   → If you're here because of my other random posts, you're more than welcome to chat with me                          or just drop by for saying hello O(≧▽≦)O


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Soo...hello. Long time no see. It's like 6 a.m here and I barely slept for 4 hours but I'm kinda not tired anymore.

I have no idea how many of you have heard about it (because I still have the feeling that some fans haven't joined Twitter) but a few days ago a fan requested information directly from Oricon asking whether they would count intl sales and the answer was pretty shocking because well, they said they don't.
I know that this always was a highly discussed issue and that lots and lots and lots of people have asked online stores like CdJapan and YesAsia whether intl sales would count and the answer was *always* positive. Even when some fans contacted them a few days ago asking again. It still was fishy, and I really don't like fishy stuff so I contacted them again, this time sending them the official reply from oricon the girl got and asking whether the data they send to Oricon actually contains the information about the stuff being sold internationally or just within Japan.

Here the reply I got: (just click for bigger size)

I think it's needless to say that I'm pissed. Not even because it doesn't count (cause I think it perfectly makes sense. Oricon was *always* a very limted thing, having stores which haven't contributed to Oricon etc.) but I'm pissed because I simply don't trust their 'omg we haven't known'. CdJapan/YesAsia is mostly used by intl fans. Intl fans who would like to support their artists. If they know that their sales don't count in oricon then there is actually no need to buy releases immidiately. You can just wait till you're in Japan...or till someone in Japan buys it for you etc etc,
So of course I might be wrong, but for me it really feels like they perfectly knew it and just had to give in know because lots of people asked them questions.
Of course it also can be that Oricon existing in such a country as Japan with it's super nice attitutde towards oversea countries just doesn't gave a shit to tell that not all their data is being collected...who knows.
Fact is that it doesn't count and we all can shut up about contributing. (my heart kinda aches after Isi having told jp fans that they should shut up because we also buy in oricon stores)
Telling this, I also would like to say that they whole 'OMG their sales would be so much higher!!!!!' is not necessarly true. As much as we love to say that intl fans also buy stuff, all in all we are...just a few people. Intl fandom is not that big to begin with and just s small part of it actually buys stuff...Also please keep in mind that KT (or your own fav. group) is not the only one for whom it doesn't count, so there is no need to say that it's 'unfair'.

If this happened a year ago, or half a year ago, I would be probably running around thinking how we can manage a system where intl fans who are in Japan at the moment could purchase releases for everyone else, but I'm really not as active as I was in fandom before (fandom as in = interacting with fans) so I not up for this. But if you actually still would like your sales to count I would really suggest to search for someone living in Japan. There are enough services/ people who offer this. And our fandom has lots of nice people who are always willing to help.

Other then this...even tho I feel like a bitch (because I *do* understand that now knowing this, fans will buy less...and in the end buying stuff *always* means supporting, no matter whether it counts for oricon or not) I hope people will spread this information (especially in other fandoms, because I can reach a lot of KT fans by posting that on my twitter but well nobody else) because it's just not nice if you don't know the truth...and I would like every fan to have the possibilty to decide for themselves whether they still want to buy every single release or just save money and go to Japan. 
10 January 2014 @ 11:30 pm
Same warning as last time tbh. If you're too sensitive and believe in the never ending friendship of current and ex members (especially Koki) you might not want to read you're free to skip this post ^___^
(other then this I don't guarantee everything to be 100% true because I was too lazy to check some things again for their accuracy)

I guess everyone heard what Kame was saying during the concert. Be it from various fanreports from fans who were there or the bit they showed during the shuichi concert footage from last week.
It was smth along the words 'we won't ignore our past anymore including Akanishi and Tanaka' and I guess this bit made lots of fans happy. The 6nin fans because he mentioned Jin's name and for all the others because it meant a clear and pretty cut and the beginning of a new time period.
(Personally, but these are just my two cents, I really think that this was a really good decision to say it, because I still think that acting like they were never 6 and making Jin's mere name into a huge taboo topic was a stupid decision. You can't erase people no matter how much you want, and if you desperately try to not talk about smth or someone then of course exactly this will stir more drama and wank. So I really do believe that if they acted the same already in 2010 this fandom would have had way less 6nin vs 5nin wars. But it's not like we can change it, and I'm already happy as long as this whole thing will never turn into a 6 vs 5 vs 4 nin fans war. Ugh)
But personally after hearing this I didn't even think too much about it, because it just looked as 'we will accept our whole history and will move forward' and I really didn't think that anyone out of KT would spend more time talking about any ex members.

I guess I was wrong.

After the concerts there was another little wave of shock in fandom because some 'messages' were translated which you can find here
Personally I would be very, very careful about fully trusting this tho. There is no source and no one has any idea where it comes from. And even tho these words really sound like the boys might have said them...I wouldn't say that this is true. (Chances are that they were taken from this 'unofficial Johnny's' books. And well you can imagine how much you can believe in this stuff if even JE itself managed to sue one of the publishers of the previous books and most of the pages there consist of papa pics.)

Besides these messages, which are hardly trustful, there were also various fanreports which stated that during one of the fanmeetings? Kame said that he will try to surpass both, Akanishi and Tanaka.
But this doesn't seem to be true either because lots of people who were there too insisted that this never happened.
(At this point I would really like to say how tired I am that lately you have more wrong than truth statements in this fandom. I wish we all could check the sources, check the translations and leave our fingers from Google translator before running to twitter and shouting that it's 'OFFICIAL'.)(Like dvd which was never announced either. Oh and the hair cut you might have seen is fake too btw)

So I guess at this point some people were already a bit pissed (even tho nothing actually happened XD).
After this on another fanmeeting...Kame said something about him loving KT and that everyone who didn't feel the same way from beginning onwards has already left. This thing...also had about 3 different translations I think? We had people who insisted that he said 'The ones who hated KT' or the 'ones who disliked KT'. I think we clearly can cross out the option with the hating because this is...just too harsh.
Of course this stirred even more drama...some people were really pissed off, some other managed to be super dramatic and publish FB posts about 'not being able to support KT because they are mean and dear Koki is a poor victim who never wanted to leave'.
(This was pretty interesting for me because it also showed that there are Koki fans in this world who are actually against fanservice and don't like pervy jokes. Upps. Wrong group then I guess)

This moment was the one when some of us started to think 'Huh what's happening here' I guess. because we all know Kame. He 'cares' about what people think about him. He cares about what fans think about him...his group members, the people he works with, other Johnny's, Japan, maybe even the neighbors’ dog. Who knows. He is a professional who knows when you should say something...and when you shouldn't. And when maybe it's just better to stay quiet or try to deal with everything in a very diplomatic way.
But even looking back at all the other videos we had in October/November, you could clearly see that he *is* pissed off and that he is bitter and that probably he ...doesn't even have any problems to say it out loud.

So everything was still okay...lots of people said that he had a right to say that and that they do understand, but that it still hurt, of course. Nothing was too dramatic tho.
Until the last both videos came out (yesterday's 'kao ga sugoi' and today's...I will forever forget the name) and personally I really went wtf O_o hearing his words. Because I'm simply not used to him being *so* blunt on TV and simply saying the stuff he wants to say...
They basically talked about the NGs Johnny's have and they all insisted in the beginning that they actually don't have any, After going through some really weird and difficult stuff...(Like being hit bei a fan, eating way too hot curry and having a lobster sticking to your nose etc)
Kame said that...The only NG for Johnny's is having a store (business)


I guess you all can imagine what about this statement was...and *how* blunt it was. It's one thing to not ignoring your ex members another one to openly talk *and* subtly or well not too subtly criticize them on tv.
And while personally I'm a KT fan for just two years, I really don't think that Kame ever that. This kind of shocks and amazes me in the same time. Especially because I don't really know whether I should be happy about it (because yeay! He is honest and blunt and *has every right* to say this, considering how much they all were hurt) or maybe not that much (because most of Japanese fans are still supporting Koki and are hurt by such statements, and you can guess that right now is maybe not the best time to piss fans off because they can't allow themselves to lose more.)

Another shock was during today's show (which was amazing and awesome btw. They are just so normal and kind and look so comfortable together, even if they were forced to wake up at I don't even know what time, staying around in the cold and then managing to get sea sick...).
During the last few minutes of the bangumi when they were driving, Kame started to talk about how great it was to have this trip concerning memories, the growing bond between and etc.
And even before...the snowman...Or '天の声' The voice from the heaven, which was a super mean guy who was doing jokes about them being 5 or 6 nin in the past ALL THE TIME. I stopped counting after all the 'uh? Weren’t you supposed to be 5' and 'please don't become 3 next year!' but it even got worse, because after Kame's great speech he said something like:

I edited the post and just gonna link to a full translation of this scene: click




I don't know how much Japanese some people here know and whether you have any idea about the different usage of the different pronouns in Japanese. But this 'aitsu' one of the...let's say less polite ways to say 'him'. And looking back at Kame talking about 'bonds' and saying that it should have been Koki instead who should have done this to learn it, practically shows how little Kame is expecting Koki to think about bonds within a group?
Azabu is similar to Roppongi when it comes to bars and other stuff. And it's also the place where Koki's bar is located.
(Talking about this, there is one of their older interviews they did in summer and where they were talking about people they can trust and Kame said:
'Don’t I often say that I don’t have friends? Once I trust someone I go on and show everything about myself, but I don’t have shallow relationships. It’s my prejudice but I won’t be friend with people who are like “I’m every night at Nishi-Azabu”, and fundamentally, our talks won’t match.' (Wink Up 2013.06 c.Iside)
I remember how back then a good friend of mine was joking how this was a subtle criticism aimed at Koki and I was totally denying this because I really didn't thought that he would say something like this about his group member in a *magazine*. Well I guess my point of view changed now...
And again...KAME!
Just...I guess I really got used to him being all smiley and rarely saying any 'bad' stuff on tv. I really don't know what changed now, and I think we all can just guess the reasons.
He is not stupid. He knows that these statements will shock and even make people angry, because these words are harsh. They are certainly true. But they ARE harsh. They are so harsh that this will make him lose fans, because especially Japanese fans are very touchy when it comes to such topics, and he still doesn't seem to care.
Maybe he is just so bitter and angry that he can't help but say this out loud. Maybe being forced more than 3 years to be quiet about any angry feelings he had about Jin made him snap.
And now being allowed to make jokes about their past...he just uses this opportunity to really say everything he wants to say.
And I'm really wondering what will happen now because after this past 2 weeks every next show will start with the 10000$ question about 'what will he say this time...'
And personally I'm kind of torn between being happy that he is just honest and blunt and being worried because...they are still idols and they still have fans to please, and I just hope this won't go over board. Bu knowing him and knowing that he really wouldn't say anything like this unless it's *really* important for him...I guess this is something he just *needs* to say, and well I gonna support this no matter what.
(And well I would be a big lier if I said that a part of me isn't enjoying all of this...)

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27 December 2013 @ 03:05 pm
I stole this thing from Gina (who got it from tumblr? XD) because it looked like fun *g*
And I'm bored and have nothing better to do anyway, so let's get started >___<

[click]1:What did you do in 2013 that you’d never done before?
One of the reasons why I will forever remember 2013 as the ‘wtf happened here I don’t remember anything’ year, is that I barely have done anything. Really. I think I didn’t even move that much. I’m a hermit who spends her life in front of the pc, doing nothing. Orz.

2:Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I didn’t have any, because I never keep them *g*
But I think I will try to be calmer this year and stop giving a fuck about stuff happening around me.

3:Did anyone close to you give birth?

4:Did anyone close to you die?

5:What countries did you visit?
Turkey. And me and Mum planned to got to Scotland but I managed to get ill ;_;

6:What would you like to have in 2014 that you lacked in 2013
Motivation. Courage. The will do ‘something’.

7:What dates from 2013 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
Nothing special if it comes to RL I guess.
Other then this. 09 October. No need to say more.

8:What was your biggest achievement of the year?
As stupid as it might sound…I managed to meet old friends from school. Thrice. After I graduated, the first year I couldn’t even ‘talk’ to them, because I remembered school, and I HATE my highschool time. I HATE it. The first months after graduating I felt sick to just riding the same bus. So I actually felt pretty proud to manage to meet them again without freaking out and feeling the need to stay home.

9:What was your biggest failure?
Failure? I didn’t fail anything serious I guess. But if…maybe getting to much involved in fandom and trying to help/please too many people. I don’t see any sense in it anymore, and I really feel better now without doing it =3

10:Did you suffer illness or injury?
I had a really annoying coughing which lasted for more than 2 months T_T.

11:What was the best thing you bought?
Fandom Goods =D

Lots and lots of fandom goods. I think the most precious thing for me this year are the kusabi cds and a pink soft turtle plushie I bought.


Oh and I’m also absolutely in love with my small tablet I bought this summer. <333

12:Whose behaviour merited celebration?
In Real Life. My Mum. I will never get tired to say this, but I LOVE my mom. She is the best mom you can imagine. She listens to my fandom complaints, she listens to my fangirling, she knows who Kame is and she spent hours with me when I was a crying mess because of what happened in October.
She doesn’t judge me and she isn’t trying to change me, and for this I love and adore her.

In Fandom. Isi and Gabbi. If not these two (sending lots of love to you girls <3) I would have gone craaaaaaazy >_>

Other then that. Kame, Kame and forever Kame.
I guess most of my fandom friends know what I’m referring to, so no need to explain =3

2013 is also the year where I completely changed my opinion about Nakamaru because he said a few things which really…made me respect him. I love this weird man =)

13:Whose behaviour made you appalled?
In Real Life…some people from my family. Especially my aunt. Because she is a money addicted bitch who rarely cares about anything else, doesn’t spend time with her kids and then wonders, why they are weird. Orz.This woman drives me crazy. CRAZY.

In fandom…well the fandom itself? XDD But what’s new. I remember how I said on twitter some weeks ago that I wish for a bag of stones for christmas, so I could throw them on people.
But I’m feeling really calmer now (after I unfollowed a bunch of people and installed filters basically everywhere XD)

Other then that…

Some ex idol who decided to fuck up his life.

14:Where did most of your money go?

15:What did you get really, really, really excited about?
KAT-TUN?! XD The last months were basically a rollercoaster full of emotions. And I’m just really, really happy and grateful to have them back. They are amazing. <3

16:What song will always remind you of 2013?

I don’t really know tbh. I rarely associate songs with years.
But if I had to choose…the 4nin of RF. Because of too many reasons tbh =)

17:Compared to this time last year, are you: (a) happier or sadder? (b) thinner or fatter? (c) richer or poorer?
Right now I’m really happy =D But I tend to be happy most of the time =D So I think…same?

Other then that I gained some kilos and am broken like always XD

18:What do you wish you’d done more of?
Studying. I’m too lazy. Doing some more things than just sitting here XD Socialising more.

19:What do you wish you’d done less of?
Eating XD And sleeping. I sleep way too much.

20:How did you spend Christmas?
Because my whole family comes from Russia, we don’t really celebrate Christmas the way everyone else does. (For us the big holiday with presents and co is New Year =))

But my aunt has birthday on the 25th so we always spend this day together =)

21:Did you fall in love in 2013?

22:What was your favourite TV program?
Tv Program…I watched lots of stuff this year.

For Japanese doramas it surely would be Legal High, because I simply love this show and Sakai Masato is an incredibly good actor. And also Junno….Junno my love. He was amazing there, I loved his role =3
For non-japanese series…I really liked Game of Thrones and currently I started to watch Dracula cause if Gina, and it’s also really, really good =D

23:Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?
Yes. But I still don’t like the world ‘hate’. I think ‘despise’ is better in this case.

There is also another person I absolutely stopped caring about and a bunch of other people I really started to dislike.
Before this I had this strict opinion about not hating/disliking anyone at all, but I honestly don’t care about this anymore. Let me be a bad person.

24:What was the best book you read?
I…didn’t read any x_x Or wait I did, on my vacation in Turkey, but it was horrible. Some crap about fallen angels.
I guess I should

25:What was your greatest musical discovery?
Nothing special, I still listen to mostly the same stuff =3

26:What did you want and get?
Don't remember O_o

27:What did you want and not get?
Too many things XD

28:What was your favourite film of this year?
OreOre and the Hobbit =D OreOre because it has so many KAMES in it. And he was amazing and great and I love him <33333

And the Hobbit, because it was my most favorite book when I was a kid. And I’m so happy that it was made into a film. And the second part had Legolas in it, so my fangirl self was more than happy =3

29:What one thing made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
Realising that it’s totally okay to stop caring about certain people and just spend your live in a quiet corner with a few friends.

Having KT back.

Starting to understand more Japanese.

Changing from being a Kame to a KT fan in the first place. (yes, this sounds ridiculous, but it costed me some sleepless nights, don’t laugh XD)

30:How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2013?
What is Fashion? Who cares?

31:What kept you sane?
Close fandom friends.
My best friend <3

32:Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
Kame *~*

And Ueda. 2013 is Ueda’s year. You sexy, gorgeous man, stop breaking our poor hearts <333

33:What political issue stirred you the most?
I don’t care about Politics.

34:Who did you miss?
I still miss my cat. My mom has some serious health issues and we had to give him away to my dad. And even tho I’m spending several hours a week with him I miss my baby :_;

35:Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2013.
I just came across this post on tumblr 2 days ago, and it’s says pretty much everything.

Anything else what changed in 2013?
I changed a lot. And I mean A LOT of opinions. So if you...remember me saying something, don't be sure that I still think the same now >__<'

I hope everyone has amazing holidays and will have a great start into 2014 =D

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17 December 2013 @ 01:16 pm

I guess everyone watched it. Kame and Kame's glorious ass. (yes I love his ass, well who don't)
Just few days ago Fandom basically went a bit O_o at the short clip which was uploaded on YT and got more than 600k fews just in two? days before it as deleted of course.
But basically I don't even want to talk about this but about...2Chan XD
XD if someone here still has no idea about this site. It's like a huge Japanese internet platform where people can comment every single topic anonymously.
Something very close to all the memes here I guess.
And basically 2chan is an evil evil site with evil evil people who likes to be mean to every creature out there (but Tokio XD) and who actually likes Kame? (I always guessed that it's more or less cuz more male people do know him co-hosting Going and be all ♥____♥ at baseball)
Aaaaand basically this little cute clip ended up on 2ch and got some very....verrrrrry lovely comments XD


And I honetsly can't stop laughing, because

I'm straight but I honestly want to kiss him

I'd rather make love to Kamenassyi than do it with an ugly girl

LOLing at how he has all the qualities to become a center.
He'll look much better there than Sashi.

I'd give my full support if Kame was the center

Kamenashi looks so beautiful after seeing Sashihara so I'm getting really scared that I feel like I'm awakening to something

He's prettier than Sashihara

If they make Kamenashi-kyun the center, there's a danger that everyone else will just fade in front of him

Do people turn gay for him just because?? XD
Anyway, I just woke up and read this and it made my whole day and I really can't stop laughing because it's lovely and funny, and it just really feels  good to hear this as a fan =)

On another note I'm almost on my Chrismas break and didn't feel that good in a whole while. Our boys are doing just fine <3 And I don't remember the time where they were that busy with tv appereances.
Basically I really don't care how much fandom hates Johnny and J&A but personally I'm just really, really happy and grateful that they didn't let them fall but gave them...another chance and are really wokring hard to get at least a somehow better image than before. They're doing great and look happy and even Kame stopped looking like a walking Zombie. Can't wait for them performing Gimme Luv and White X'mas on scp and I still hope that Uepi will be able to perform his solo there too =) Also looking really forward to ther Music Station super LIve and the two Bangumis/specials which will follow after it. I believe that 2014 will be an amazing year =D



Don't click if you haven't watched his pv/ don't want any leaks/don't want to die from too much hotness.
If you haven't watched but would like to, just poke me via pm. I might be asleep in some hours tho >_<'

So again:
(Plus there are about 15 gifs under this cut, don't be surprised if your Pc dies, it's not my fault. It's Ueda's)

[The hottest wolf you've ever seen]

So...I gonna try and start this post not with a capslock keysmash...(even tho I totally would like to)
Since the special project was announced, the two pvs I was looking forward the most were Kame's and Ueda's.
Kame is pretty obvious...Ueda...because he is a little music genius and his head is full of weird, awesome and amazing ideas.
(And I will forever cry because mouse peace never got a release and we will never hear this perfect songs in HQ. SHAME ON YOU JE! Shame on you that you don't want to have our money!)
So I was absolutely sure that his pv would be all sorts of amazing.'s even more than this *___*


Just look at these sexy red eyes. UNFF.

And his HANDS ;_; I LOVE these...claws on his fingers. Just same weeks ago I was watching some promotional video about a brand called 'Fangophilia' and thought that these things they're creating are pretty cool. And the stuff he is wearing here, looks just like this.

I love the concepts of this pv. It's kind of sad that it wasn't released a bit would have been such an amazing Halloween song.
Everything. The clothes, his make up, the set, the different characters who are running around, the atmosphere. I simply adore it.

And anyway...can we please talk about what has happened with this man? Lately he just got this... *____* aura and I'm basically rolling around on the floor every single time new photo shootings come out and just...Why so sexy Uepi? *_*
Talking about the well known theory about Johnny' who turn 30...I so completely agree. *weeps in a corner*

I loved the scene where he was all boss-like, snipping with the fingers

And Junno, you precious, precious man ♥

He looked so crazy here XD Have I already said that I simply adore this make-up?!

Honestly...I will never understand Japanese weird obsession with non Japanese kids. Just...why? O_o
But well...even tho I really am confused cuz of this, the lil girl in the pv was kind of cute.

And his smile...his smile is so incredibly cute ♥

You sexy, gorgous man...

I really can't even put in words how much I love this pv. It's simply amazing. And it's so much...Ueda-like?
I'm pretty sure this will be my favorite pv from their solos (yes, I know we still need Kame's...but I don't trust this man when it comes to solos...In the end we will have again some sparkly backround and a touching...ballad. Ballad. Why does he love them so much. *whines* I honestly gonna cry if his next solo will be a ballad too. I would sell my soul for something like 'Plastic tears' or 'Bad Dream' or even better... something rock-ish ;_;)
Anyway. Ueda is amazing. And this pv is amazing and I need this in HQ, so I can sit infront of my TV and adore his prettniess a bit more.

I was already telling it Isi today, but I'm just so incredibly happy to see him like this. Comparing him to some years ago, where he was so akwardly quiet...
He is shining and he is gorgeous and I really hope that one day a miracle will happen and we'll get a solo album from him...*weeps*

(p.s: I even showed it my mum XD Right after we finished watching ore ore. I'm so incredibly proud of her. It was her very first Japanese movie, and she hates watching stuff with subs. So I'm just really, really happy that she watched it with me. And after watching the pv (she was smiling all the time) she said that it was totally cool and looks like a musical.
And that he is pretty *g*
I will never stop saying how awesome my mom is ♥

On a totally different note...
They were so cute and akward together and this world needs more KT x News interaction.


(Stolen from itz_menos)

I should go and sleep now...but there are still no other leaks out yetand I really don't want to be asleep when they appear x__x

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15 November 2013 @ 12:00 am



Honestly this is so awesome I don't even know what to say ;____;
They are so handsome and so amazing and this is A FUCKIN FORREST, OKAY?!?!
I'm so incredibly proud of them and happy and touched and just everything and I really will never be able to put in words how much I love these amazing men.
Just thank you and welcome back boys.

Major gif spam ahead, you have been warned.








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01 October 2013 @ 12:51 am
one last time one of the most perfect songs I've listened to in a really long time. I could kill people (him in the first place) for the incredibly stupid choice of the A side, because the both b sides are just *perfect* and ainaru is still just... Crap in comparison to them. But well you can't have everything I guess so I just gonna roll in my feels, because this song is so pretty and wonderful and angsty and I love it ;_;
I guess I can even ignore the kids now #trauma
16 September 2013 @ 09:55 pm
I'm back =D
Arrived in the my home city today at 6 a.m and started to laugh because of course it was raining here. It always rains here...I think I never managed to come back from holidays and not to see any rain.
So I guess Autumn is coming...I really hope that we won't have the same winter as we had last year, because it's really not funny to live in Europe and still have snow in the end of April. I managed to wear my winter coat for about half a year >_>
Turkey was..okay. I will never be a fan of this country (because it's simply too hot for me) but the weather in September is certainly better than it is in July/August, so at least I didn't have the feeling to melt. And they had some *really* awesome cocktails and other stuff there, so basically I managed to try out everything what is really strange because normally my mom is really against everything what has even 1% alcohol in it. (No, she doesn't care that I'm already 20)
But now I'm back and really, really happy about it =D University should start in about a month, and I still have to do some stuff for it, like preparing for an exam (which I didn't take last semester) and read a history book and repeat all the Japanese stuff, because...I have the feeling that I don't remember anything at all anymore x_x

Anyway, this will be some really random entry because I wanted to talk about a few things which absolutely don't have to do anything with each other XD (and because I really missed lj XD)

[Weird people are really weird]I don't know how many of you know this, but even now right now I'm living in Germany, I actually come from Russian and moved when I was 7 years old. All my relatives on my mother's site are German tho and were deported during ww2. So I'm...3/4 Russian and 1/4 German?
And every single year we're going on holidays I just can't help but laughing my ass off observing the Russian and German vacationers.
From what I know Turkey was *always* the country lots of Germans were traveling to. So basically you always had lots and lots and loots of German people there.
This started to change slowly when Russia had some boom when it comes to work places. Especially in big cities like Moscow and the very North. (Siberia) (Don't ask my why tho...they just really have enough work and well... enough of money. So while Russia is still a poor country you have this big gap between the poor and the rich (which you can find in every country I suppose)
This led to the simply fact that the Russians started to travel...and come to Turkey. You can surely understand that some Germans didn't like that. And considering that these two nations actually still can't stand each other (-> ww2) you can imagine that the whole atmosphere is just really...tense sometimes.

Stuff the Germans tell about the Russians (And I don't say that just after seeing that for the first time. I've been to Turkey for 5 times already, and it's always the same)

  • If there are many Russians in the hotel, you can cancel your vacation because it will suck either way

  • They are loud, have no manners and drink too much

  • Don't talk to them...they're aggressive

  • There are about 90% of Russians in this hotel

Stuff the Russians tell about the Germans:

  • Germans are cold, unfriendly and think that they are better than everyone else

  • Everything the Germans get in the hotel is better. This includes rooms, food, most probably even umm...toillet paper.

  • If you're Russian you have to pay for everything, while the Germans get everything for free and the service they get is also better.

  • There are about 90% of Germans in this hotel. (Don't's still the same hotel they talk about)

So basically no matter where you go you hear Germans complaining about the Russians, and the Russians complaining about the Germans. I'm really, really sad that they can't understand each other. I would love to see their reactions.

On another side I had my trauma of this year when we've met a Russian couple and after...10? minutes of talking the woman started to explain to me HOW amzingly important family is. And that a woman simply HAS to marry and get her first child before she turns 25 because it's the only possible life sense for her. And if you fail no one will take you...
(So girls, if you're 25 and single you should just go and kill yourself because obviously your life has no sense anymore)
This is such bullshit I can't even. And sadly this it the attitude of 90% Russians I've met in my life. They think that a woman simply can't survive without a man. And that if you don't marry and get kids you've just failed in your life. I really, really pity these people. And I can kill everyone who tries to force this opinion on me. I'm 20. I HATE kids. I've said this during the past 8 years over and over again. And everytime a Russian person heard that, the only response I got was 'don't worry. You will change your mind. Biology is stronger, you will start to love kids!!' Fuck off. I will most probably prefer to strangle myself than starting to like them.
So really. I was just facepalming so much during this vacation, you can't even imagine.

[Kamenashi]I can't believe that. I really can't. HE HAD BLACK HAIR THIS BRAT. And then a week passes and it's brown again. I think I've never wanted to throw stones at him so much as I do now. Just...why. Why Kame whyyyyyy....*whines*
And how can you even get your brown hair back after just a week. (Unless it was some coloring shampoo or stuff like that) I'm sad. And I'm sulking. Because it's unfair and it sucks.
And he still looks so great in this fuckin white tank top that I could cry. UNFAIR.
It's also unfair that after I told that I don't like him anymore on twitter yesterday, a friend immediately sent me a pictures of his ass. This fandom is so incredibly evil >_>

[Anime!!!]I had this really long anime phase in 2010/2011, until I switched to doramas. After that I really didn't watch much...I download some series tho some time ago. Like Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist (which is really nice), Free! (which I dropped after one episode because I really didn't like it. I guess most of the people like it for the pretty boys and the bl fanservice? And well the pretty boys who are half naked most of the time? Dunno but this just really...doesn't work for me) and Shingeki no Kyojin which I didn't start to watch until a certain someone mentioned it and said how much he liked it. And it's...awesome. AND SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME. This show is just so intense that I have the urge to crawl away after each episode. And I don't even know why it freaks me out so much. I've watched Deadman Wonderland about a year ago. And while everyone found that one kind of creepy, I was laughing most the time. Especially when all the people were killed. But this one. This scares me. Really. *takes a deep breath*

On another note.
Wow. He had even time to watch animes. That's nice. *happy*

[Yamapi]I finally downloaded his album today and I have to say that it. What is *really * nice because tbh I couldn't bring myself to like anything at all he did after Supergood, Superbad.
But this one is nice =D (minus all the calm songs, because I'm not a fan of calm songs. And I'm not fan enough of his voice to enjoy it there...)
But Nextaction is simply awesome. (I *love* Taipi there). Sing for you, Magic, Stand alone are really nice, PAri-PArA is an incredibly funny song and I LOVE 君の風になって  because it's just beautiful.
So really, he did a great job there =D


Talking about Music. (I will try to make that short, because I actually could write whole novels about it)
I got interested in Japan in early 2008. If you get interested into Japan here in Germany you...automatically get in touch with Visual kei. Because Johnny doesn't care enough to let the rest of the world know about the boys. So J-Rock and Visual kei is basically more or less the only music genre which is really famous and popular here. It has a really big fandom here, what is really understandable because *lots* of VK and JR artists come to Germany to give concerts. (and I mean really *a lot*. I think simply everyone was here already.)
And I was a fan of it for about 3 years? Something around it. The bands I loved the most during this time were Gazette, Versailles, Alice Nine, Mucc, Vivid lots of others and... Miyavi.
And I actually don't even know what kind of music this dude makes, because while he obviously belonged to vk during his earlier years, he started to make different music. Especially after he launched his own company I would say. And I *really* loved him. ( I even had the chance to see him live in 2011 what was really amazing)
But after...ummm getting sucked in this wondefful glittering gay world full of pretty boys with omfg armpit hair, I really stopped caring about everything which wasn't connected to Johnny's. And I simply couldn't stand VK anymore, because my ears literally hurt...It was just so dark. You really can't listen to all this happy music and then go back to the texts which often deal with self destruction and death. The only bands which were still more on the rock side and which I really loved/love are One Ok Rock, Mr.Children, SID...

About one or two months ago however I stumbled upon Miyavi's 'secret' pv which was just leaked. And I really liked it. Not the pv itself because it's really slutty and I don't find some av actress spreading her legs that entertaining.
(this was really yummy tho...)

I have a thing for Japanese men who smoke *sighs*

Umm okay...this one too...maybe.

But the song. It was catchy. Really nice. After it I downloaded his new album and...forgot about it. (Which is perfectly normal for me, because I always need ages before I listen to something new. I'm a fail when it comes to everything non KT related)
When I was transferring music to my phone for the Turkey trip I found it again. And holy shit. I love it. It's perfect. Every single track on this album is perfect. PERFECT.
It's a wonderful feeling to come back to something old you used to like. He is such an amazing and talented man...I really don't have any words for it.
After that I've spent an entire evening with watching all the clips which I've missed.

And then don't even asked my why, but I checked his album on CdJapan. And of course!! there was just one copy left of the LE, so now I'm terribly broken (why do albums have to cost that much) and bought something fandom unrelated for the first time in my whole life. Uiiiiii.
And I don't regret it all. *squeals*

Whoaaa. This is a long post O___o

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